By Bob Rolland

dana1This is a bracelet of hope. It is intended to carry on the hope that Dana instilled in everyone that came into contact with her. Her beautiful eyes, bright smile and joy for life were obvious to all who met her. She would always find opportunities to help others in any way she could. She found opportunities to brighten another person’s day when it was needed most.

Three weeks before Dana died, both Dana and I were sitting in the chemotherapy room. The room is lined with lazy boy chairs with small cubicle-like dividers separating the chairs. We were waiting on Dana’s blood tests before starting her treatment for that week. As we waited, a new patient came in with her husband and sat down across the room from us. There was a look of despair and fear on both of their faces. She had been recently diagnosed and was obviously terrified of what was to come.

Dana did not hesitate to get up out of her chair, walk over to the couple and talk to them. She presented herself with grace and offered her hand in friendship, one from someone who had clearly experienced this same feeling of despair but still conveyed a deep sense of hope and joy for life. After a short conversation, Dana left the couple with smiles on their faces and feelings of comfort.

Dana made a lasting impression that brought strength, comfort and hope to this couple.

A foundation has been established in Dana’s name to continue this message of strength, comfort and hope. This bracelet has been designed as a symbol of the message and will be given to existing and newly diagnosed patients visiting the Columbus Oncology Clinic where Dana received her treatments. Our hope is that it will bring a smile to each of their faces and the same feeling of comfort that Dana was able to bring to her new friend.

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  1. Paula Yorker says:

    On behalf of Sia Yorker Brain Awareness Foundation, we are honored to partner with Dana Foundation.

    Although I didn’t know Dana personally, Looking at her smile, you can tell the “Joy of the Lord was and is her strength”.

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