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  • The first time I met Dana was at our Halloween Party on November 2, 2002. Bob and Dana arrived in full costume garb! Dana, a beautiful “Royal Flush” and Bob, a “Pirate”…..More from Kelley
  • My Stepmom and I….More from Brian
  • I find that when people who didn’t know Dana ask me about her, I use the same set of words to describe her: Vibrant, Energetic, Loving, Zest for life, Caring, Thoughtful, Funny, and Giving…..More from Sheri
  • In reflecting on the very short time that I knew Dana, the thing that amazes me is there is something etched into my memory about the 5 occasions that I actually saw her in person……More from Tom
  • My dad, Larry Rolland, is Bob’s brother. So I am Dana’s niece by marriage. Dana. That one word brings tons of memories flooding toward me. All the happy moments I had with her come back to me…..More from Abby
  • I love Dana so much you couldn’t imagine. She was my aunt and did so much for me. She was loving, caring, and never would she put herself first…..More from Erin
  • A most memorable and unique experience I had with Dana, however, wasn’t the usual encounter one would be likely to have with her. The day was September 11, 2001…..More from John
  • I was blessed to get to know Dana through the new member classes at First Community Church….More from Jim
  • My memories of Dana are so many, and yet too few. Certainly the best ones are of our conversations. One of my fondest memories is from Christmas 2001…..More from Irene
  • The day we spent together as friends was beautiful, bright and sunny, skies a deep blue. The day felt shiny, divine. Bob and I arrived early at the Worthington Inn, waiting for Dana to join us for lunch. It was late summer, just before Labor Day, on an early Friday afternoon…..More from Dennis
  • One memory of her was the last time I saw her. It was the day of my brother’s birthday party….More from Chris
  • My Dream (going by memory) Dana starts talking and I wake up and see her on my other bed. Brian- Who are you? Dana- you know who I am silly (with a huge smile) its dana….More from Brian
  • Dana and I would sit and talk about Ricky Martin on many occasions…..More from Cindy
  • When I think of Dana……I think of a smiling, sparkling face!…..More from Cathy

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